Back in the land of the living!

For the first time in ages I have actually been awake on UK time. I guess that I spent so much time on Kansas time spending time with Erin that it had become completely normal to me. Now that I have no American interest I can have a more normalised life, I still have American friends but I normally just message them on myspace or get the occasional call from Kelly. My little misguided trip to Newquay kick started my normal night time sleeping pattern. last night I even went to bed by 9:30pm and was awake at 8am, which a few weeks ago was unthinkable, I would be going to bed at 8am not getting out of bed. Even when I have been working late, some times as late as 3am I just come home and pass out, Saturday I got home at 3:45am and was asleep within 15 minutes and bizarrely woke up at 10am on the dot despite not getting to sleep until past 4am. Anyway, there is logic to this action; if I am to meet someone locally I’ll need to be having a normal UK life and that isn’t possible if I am sleeping until 5pm every day. Now I just need to get out of the flat more and be more proactive in meeting new people but I don’t know where to start because I have spent most of my adult life around pubs and clubs. I don’t like doing things on my own, I’d rather just stay home than do something on my own (something I need to change I know), I like to share my experiences with someone else. Stephen is back from Poland again, maybe for good this time, but who knows his decision making is erratic at best. But it’d be good to have him around as I tend to get out and do more when he is about. There is still a part of me that wonders whether breaking it off with Erin was a mistake; because if I am completely honest I am still in love with her and I miss having her around. But I also realise that being so far away from each other is doing more harm than good so I believe it was the right decision. I wish that we never became romantically entangled as on a basic level I loved spending time talking with her. I have never had such in depth and interesting conversations with anyone before and probably never will again. I am going to stop looking for a replacement for Erin and if love finds me then that’s great but either way I am not jumping into anything before meeting this time. I want to meet my prospective love interest before engaging in any sort of relationship. I don’t like being single but at the end of the day forcing the issue isn’t going to make a good starting base for a good relationship, if it’s meant to happen, it will happen!

In something that isn’t about me; back to my love of sports stuff. Cricket and the first test at Lords against South Africa. At the end of day 3 England looked in a commanding position having set a first innings total of 593 for 8 declared with excellent innings from Kevin Pietersen and Ian Bell knocking up 152 and 199 respectively with Alistair Cook and Stuart Broad adding 60 and 76 respectively. South Africa could only manage 247 all out despite a defiant innings from Ashwell Prince hitting 101. Which left the tourists following on as they never made 2/3rd of England’s total. England’s hopes of wrapping the game up in four days were dashed by a defiant partnership between Smith and McKenzie before Smith eventually was caught for 107 on day five with McKenzie on 118 not out as I write this. It seems like South Africa are quite happy to play for the draw. The South Africans are currently still 78 runs behind England’s first innings total but if England are to take the win they’ll need quick wickets but that looks unlikely as South Africa are just taking singles and not taking any risks to rescue a draw after their first innings disaster and fight another day!

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