I have spent the last hour trying to convince Anita to meet me and every time I get the response “one day” back and that is so damn infuriating. I only want to be able to meet her as a friend initially and take it from there. We have been talking online for a number of weeks now and it just seems that we are not moving forward. It’s ridiculous to not meet when we are only 40 miles apart and it costs less than £10 to get to her. I am attracted to her based on her photo’s but when we meet in person there simply may not be any chemistry between us and we could just be friends. But I am not willing to stare at words on a computer screen indefinitely until she decides that she wants to meet. I know she has been hurt badly in the past but it’s crazy to isolate herself so completely that she wont let anyone get close and frankly most men wouldn’t have waited this long before giving up any hope. Having internet friendships are completely pointless, I don’t even know what her voice sounds like as she won’t let me call her. It’s so frustrating to me that she is so scared of being hurt that she wont even meet me. Bottom line is that I have sent her a text saying that the ball is in her court, if she wants to meet me and move this friendship forward then she knows my number. I am not going to chase her forever, my search for new friends goes on.

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