I probably shouldn’t have but…

Last night before I went to bed I sent a message to Erin on MySpace just saying how much I missed our conversations and spending time with her. Although I don’t want a relationship with her while she is still in America as it’s too damn complicated and painful; I would like to remain friends and still chat from time to time. She read the message and didn’t reply so I take from that she doesn’t want to even be friends. I would like to say that’s fine but if I am honest I am not fine about it. I wanted to be able to remain friends as I miss our conversations about everything from religion to history to space and time to the after life. I doubt that I will find anyone that will stimulate my mind as much as she did. But I am adamant that I don’t want to pick up where we left off, it has to be friendship only until/if she can get to the UK assuming I haven’t met anyone else by that point. I’m not going to drop a committed relationship to chase after her. Oh well I tried, if she doesn’t want to be friends then I can’t do anything about it other than accept it and move on with my life.

Myspace… what is it good for? I have been thinking about this for some time now. Why on Earth do people, especially British people bother with it? I thought the idea of MySpace was to be able to make new friends; yet most of the people that I have contacted around my area never bothered to reply and the two that did, one never replied to my second message and the other seems to have no interest in meeting despite being less than 50 miles and £7.50 away. I think the Internet has ruined social interaction as people spend so much time in front of their computer that they are almost afraid to interact in person. If someone sends me a message on MySpace and I have no interest in pursuing a friendship with them, I’ll reply and politely tell them that I don’t want to pursue a friendship with them for whatever reason. While I am a social networking rant, BEBO, what the fuck? how does that even work, you can’t even search for new friends by location, common interests, age range and that sort of thing, how on Earth are you supposed to meet new friends? I could go on for ages about this but I am going to stop there before I end up writing another novel!

The person mentioned above who refused to meet me has just removed me from her MySpace friends list. I am absolutely fine with that as she is too disinterested in the people around her for us to really become friends. Basically she demanded that I stop talking to my friends about her behind her back, but what I say to my friends is nothing that I haven’t said to her first! I will not have anyone dictate what I can talk about with my friends, I am an open book; I am very honest and open about everything. It’s her loss, I’m not interested in leaving pointless comments on MySpace and never having any in depth conversations or meeting up for a coffee and a chat. I’m nearly 32 years old, I have no need to hide behind the Internet, I want to meet REAL people in PERSON; I’m not a VIRTUAL person!

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