Time to stop dwelling on the past…

I need to start looking forward to the future. I have just moved home and I am saving a huge chunk of money on rent, phone and other random bills so I will start using that extra spare cash to enjoy myself. There is one big annoyance and that is the fact that Anita is being stubborn and refusing to meet me as she is skint and wants to pay her own way. Despite me being happy to buy her a meal and a few drinks, it’s hardly going to break the bank. I do like her and I really want to meet her to see if there is any spark between us so we can move to the next level. I don’t mean move in together, but see much more of each other, maybe even stay over the odd night even if we don’t sleep together. I’m not going to force myself on her; right now I would be happy to have her company for the night and if things go well even meet her 11 year old son. Right now I am just blowing money on booze as I have no friends that want to do anything other than drink until they drop. Sure drinking can be fun but after a while it gets boring seeing the inside of the Voodoo Lounge day in, day out. I work there for heavens sake, I don’t want to spend my off time in my workplace. So hopefully Anita will see sense and let me pay for us both to go out and do something together. I want to know if we have a spark to start building a relationship. I know she has trust issues, I have trust issues but I know I can put those issues aside to find love and happiness and hopefully she can do the same. Even if we meet and there’s no sexual attraction at least we can build a friendship, it’s the not knowing that is driving me insane.

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