Wow, there’s a real world out there!!!

The last couple of days have been pretty damn good. I have been getting out a lot more and I am already starting to burn a little from the sun. I can feel my face burning right now as I write this blog entry. But it has been good getting out, not just the house but also away from the computer. Yesterday I jumped in the car with Stephen and went to Bigbury-On-Sea and Burgh Island which was cool, just walking across the beach and over the island to the other side taking some snapshots along the way. Later in the evening we went to Brixham and looked around the town, not too much to see from an entertainment point of view but some nice scenery, it’s a very traditional harbour town on the south coast. It does make me realise what a beautiful part of the world I live in and for the last two years I have been ignoring it sitting home staring at a computer screen! Today, I did lay in bed watching re-runs of Doctor Who on the BBC iPlayer, 3 1/2 hours of Doctor Who. In the evening I decided that I was going to go see Hancock at the cinema. I planned to go alone but Stephen texted me asking what I was doing and him and Darren ended up coming to watch it with me. The cinema was kinda strange as it’s in the city centre and the actual screen was pretty small, I would say intimate. But I enjoyed the movie despite the lack of hi-tech cinema equipment, besides it was only 2.75 as opposed to nearly 7 quid at the Vue Cinema.

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