Falling into my lap!

Every time I think that things are going badly financially work seems to just fall into my lap. Last Friday I expected to be earning £35 for working in Voodoo engineering a live gig (I do it “mates rates” for the in house promoter) and suddenly I find myself DJ’ing a wedding reception for £80 instead. Tonight I had something else already planned so couldn’t “engineer” the foreign language students party at Voodoo. I texted the manager saying that I couldn’t make it because I had something else on. Then I get a text back from him saying that the usual DJ has pulled out and asked me if I could DJ tonight or if I knew someone that could fill in for the night. I decided to do it myself as the usual DJ always used my laptop and music collection anyway and it’s £40 which would have been more than I would have made with my other plans. I’m still a little short on what I need for the month but it’s getting there. I’m short mainly because the regular Friday night gigs have stopped until next month as the promoter has her hands full with her AEON Festival over the bank holiday weekend.

Last night I was watching the first episode of the new series of Fifth Gear on Five’s “On Demand” service and there was one car that seems to completely defy logic. It was a amphibious car which is nothing new really but this one was different as it was submersible. But the question I ask is WHY? what is the point of a submersible car especially as it’s a convertable and you need breathing apparatus to be able to breath underwater and it can only go seven metres down before the safety system automatically re-floats the car. The car is made by a company called Rinspeed who have based the “sQuba” car on the design of the Lotus Elise but replaced the 1.8 litre engine with five electric motors. One to power the car on road, two to power the two propellers and two to power the steering fins on the side of the car. From a technical point of view it’s brilliant but completely pointless as who is going to buy a submersible car that costs £750,000, that’s if it ever makes it into production!

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