He’s a bit mental!

Today I was checking my web stats for this blog and I came across this referrer that I hadn’t seen before so clicked on it to see what type or site I had got a hit from and found it to be a forum. And that someone I know had posted the following with a link to my blog.

“I am aware this makes me a terrible person, but the guy who writes this blog is so sad it’s unreal. I know him from when I lived in Plymouth – he’s the sound guy for Voodoo Lounge and previously the Phoenix. Basically he’s a bit mental, a complete alcoholic, and falls in love with various women on the internet (usually fat women from America). He has ben engaged to two said fat Americans, despite never having met them. My favourite entry recently was when he got talking to a woman who actually lived near him…and she refused to meet him, which infuriated him. So one day when drunk, he just got on a train, turned up in Newquay where she lives, text her saying he was there (this is about midnight or something) and funnily enough, her sister had gone into hospital so she couldn’t meet him. He then had to spend the night sleeping in the station waiting for the first train back the next day, and she mysteriously never came online again.”

LUCY; get your fucking facts right before posting defamatory comments. You have made up your own version of events, and you are judging me without really knowing me. I do have issues but I am in no way a “complete alcoholic”; you have no idea of my background which made me this way. First of all I have been engaged ONCE, secondly I didn’t spend the night in Newquay, I had to wait a couple of hours for the next train. Check your facts and make sure you know the whole story before publishing comments about anyone online, you’re lucky that I am not vindictive as I have grounds to sue you as what you published is inaccurate and slanderous. ENGAGE YOUR BRAIN BEFORE OPENING YOUR MOUTH!

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I can move onto the start of the new football season. Only Plymouth Argyle were in action today of the teams I support as the Premiership season doesn’t start until next weekend! And it was a disappointing start to the season only managing a 2 – 2 draw with Wolves. Rory Fallon opened the scoring for Argyle in the 7th minute capitalising on defensive confusion to lob the ball over Wayne Hennessey. Michael Kightly levelled the scores for Wolves in the 19th minute timing his volley to perfection to defeat new Arygle keeper Graham Stack. Marcel Seip put the Pilgrims back in the lead on the 54th minute finding some space in the crowded Wolves box to poke home from close range. Plymouth were denied all three points in the 78th minute with Sam Vokes’ low drive from 12 yards out left Stack in nomansland. So the end result; only one point from the first game of the season. It seems that Argyle will be struggling for form at home again this season as we have come to expect in recent times. After one game, Argyle find themselves in 10th place in the league but it’s still early days yet, but the Pilgrims badly need more consistency. Let’s hope for a better result away at Reading next weekend!

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