OH MY GOD! 67 Days…

I have finally done what I should have done months ago. I have bought a return plane ticket to Wichita, Kansas and the flight is just over two months away. Right now I don’t know how to feel, I have such a conflict of emotions going through me right now. I’m excited but scared at the same time, terrified would be more accurate. I just hope that we click in person as we do online as that will be hard to take if that isn’t the case, I want this to work so badly that it hurts. You click with someone like this once or twice in a lifetime, I don’t want to pass this opportunity up. I had to ask my dad to lend me the money for the airfare for a second time and thankfully he said yes. But he gave me the cash instead of letting me use his card to pay for the flight. I put the money into my account ASAP then tried to purchase the tickets only for my card to be rejected, apparently Continental don’t take VISA Electron. So I had to use my dad’s card anyway, which he doesn’t know about as yet as I used his card on a whim which to be honest I was hoping would fail as well so the problem is with their system. But it went through first time and now I have transferred the money from my account back to his account. I will have to tell him tomorrow as he would have been in bed for more than an hour when I booked the tickets. Now I need to save up as much money as I can to cover unexpected eventualities. I have planned train journeys at the cheapest times as rush hour services can cost well in excess of £100. I have elected to catch a train from Plymouth to Victoria Station then catch the Gatwick Express to the airport as that is the simplest route if not the cheapest. I don’t fancy navigating the Underground at rush hour. 67 days… I am hoping for a really happy birthday as I will be away for my birthday, apparently I have to collect my present in person… make of that what you will?

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