One point gained or two points lost?

Plymouth Argyle could only manage a 2 – 2 draw away at Ashton Gate but should have won the game after taking a 2 – 0 lead within the first 20 minutes. It’s easy to say that Bristol played better in the second half but I don’t believe they did, Argyle just sat back more allowing the home team to attack! Jamie Mackie opened the scoring after six minutes with a stinging shot that Adrian Basso could only tip onto the post and into the back of the net. Rory Fallon doubled the lead in the 18th minute with a superb close range reaction volley. Argyle looked excellent in the first half but seemed to step off the gas in the second half allowing Bristol to pile forward and attack the Argyle goal. The home side got their reward in the 63rd minute with an easy tap in for John Akinde after the Argyle defence failed to close him down. Plymouth could and should have done better in that situation and this is the goal that lost us the game in my opinion. City’s second goal was superb and I can’t blame the Argyle defence for that one as David Noble unleashed a 20 yard shot out of nowhere on 88 minutes. A point will do us as we would have been happy with that before the match but given the events of the match I do feel that it was two points lost rather than one point gained. Plymouth remain in 12th position in the league but missed out on an opportunity to move upto 6th if we could have won the game 2 – 0. Oh well, I can’t complain too much it’s been a good month for Argyle, two away wins, one home win and one away draw.

Ferrari’s president Luca di Montezemolo has been throwing his toys out of his pram again after his teams disastrous showing in Singapore. Ferrari went away without any points after Kimi Raikkonen crashed out late in the race and Felipe Massa finished a distant 13th after pulling away from the pits while the fuel hose was still attached and later getting hit by a drive through penalty for dangerous driving. Montezemolo criticised the track and the safety car periods, sour grapes anyone? On the rare occasion that Ferrari do get penalised Montezemolo is always critical, it’s everyone else’s fault except his own team. He is the only one to criticise the race, every other team principle has praised F1’s first night race even the ones that didn’t do so well in the race. It certainly shook up the pack and some new faces were found on the podium, Alonso becomes the seventh grand prix winner of the season. No grand prix season has had that many winners in all the years that I have been watching F1, so for me this is a good thing. It’s just a shame that Kovalainen has been disappointing for McLaren, for most of the season he hasn’t even been close to Lewis Hamilton!

It’s only 3 weeks until I fly to America to meet Erin. Last night I realised that Continental have changed by itinerary so I will be flying out of Gatwick and returning via Heathrow which means that my journey isn’t as simple as anticipated. Now I will have to navigate the underground system. I have never been to London before, well once but that was for a concert by coach so never had to navigate London. I am a little worried about getting on the wrong train on the Underground and missing my flight so I am considering getting a taxi from Paddington to Victoria as it’s only a few miles to avoid the underground completely. And I will avoid the underground on the return leg as the Heathrow Express goes directly to Paddington. So maybe I can get a return train to Paddington which would be cheaper. I’ll just have to make my own way from Paddington to Victoria on the outbound journey. I know that I am probably worrying about nothing but this is a rather big undertaking for someone that has never travelled alone with the exception of one European flight and a few train journeys. I don’t want anything to go wrong after everything that has happened!

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