Where did that result come from?

On Wednesday England did something they haven’t managed to do in two years, that’s beat Croatia, and beat them convincingly, and even more amazingly it was away from home in Zagreb! Hero of the day was Theo Walcott who scored a hat trick on his first competitive start of England. And Shrek (c’mon, he certainly ain’t a pretty boy) added another between Walcott’s second and third, although Croatia did pull one back before Walcott put the final nail in the Croatia coffin to claim his third goal of the game. So it was 4 – 1 in favour of the Englishmen, hopefully now that England have this crucial result in the bag they’ll go on to top the group and be seeded for the World Cup. But I worry that loads of pressure will be heaped on Theo Walcott by the fans and the press alike which will almost certainly spell disaster for the young Gunner. It was an inspired performance from the youngster and he is a real talent for the future but only if he is left to develop in peace but the tabloid press won’t give him the space to do that. How many times have we seen it, Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, both hailed as being the saviour of English football and both have failed to shine recently! Although Owen is more of sick note since leaving Liverpool a few years back!

There’s a rather big grudge match this afternoon at Anfield as Liverpool host Manchester United as the two teams clash for the first time of the season. United may have their new 30 million pound signing Dimitar Berbatov but the dream team of Stevie Gerrard and Fernando Torres are available to play should Benitez elect to play them which I imagine he will given the competition faced! Liverpool Vs United is probably the oldest rivalry in football!

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