As I have some time…

Erin is currently at work so I am home alone watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and feeling really happy and content for the first time in years. But I am not going to talk about that, I am going to talk about the journey to get here. Thing’s went amazingly smoothly on the UK side, the train arrived at Paddington train station early so I took a casual stroll down to the underground station and caught a tube train onto Victoria station to catch the Gatwick Express to the airport, security was reasonably trouble free but had to wait around for 80 minutes before boarding the plane as the journey to the airport was so incredibly smooth. The plane journey itself was pleasant, plenty of food and drink on offer, although I didn’t manage to get any sleep as I hoped to; I stayed awake for the whole 10 1/2 hour journey. But the stress came on when I arrived in Houston. Security were very uninviting people, not a good first impression of American’s, attitude adjustment needed in my opinion, although the customer service people were really nice even if they did send me to the wrong gate. The boarding pass said I was boarding from Terminal B, gate 84C but upon arriving there I found out that I should have actually been boarding from gate 85A ,so that meant a mad dash across the airport because I thought I was late as my phone auto-adjusted to 1 hour ahead of the actual time. I got to Wichita a little earlier than expected so had to wait a little while for Erin to arrive. While waiting I sent Erin a text message saying that I had arrived in Kansas City airport and couldn’t find her anywhere. Erin thought I was serious and was phoning her friend probably calling me all the names under the sun. The rest is history as they say and any doubts that either of us may have had have melted away and feel completely relaxed with each other after a couple of days

On a side note, today is my 32nd birthday and I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than here with Erin. It’s a shame that Erin has to work all day and then go to college for a couple of hours this evening, so I will only have an hour with Erin at lunchtime until 9pm when she finishes school, I’ll just keep myself occupied with lots of episodes of Star Trek, Erin has the complete The Next Generation box set, so Jason is a very happy man right now

A quick sports roundup, Liverpool managed to end Chelsea’s 86 game undefeated streak at Stamford Bridge by the narrowest of margins. Xabi Alonso’s deflected goal was all that seperated the sides at full time but could have been 2 – 0 if Alonso’s shot had crept inside the post instead of hitting it. Liverpool now have a clear 3 point advantage at the top of the table. What’s even more impressive is that this was achieved without star striker, Fernando Torres. Plymouth weren’t so fortunate being beaten 3 – 1 at Home Park against Ipswich Town, Argyle were comprehensively outplayed and frankly deserved to lose the game only getting a consolation goal after former Argyle player David Norris was sent off. Argyle are still in a reasonable position in the league in 10th just two points off a playoff place after Tuesday’s win over Preston.

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