Difficult Decision!

Over this weekend I have to come to a decision about whether I should stay here in Kansas until the new year or leave as planned next Tuesday. My heart is saying STAY but my head is having a more difficult time weighing up the pros and cons. Obviously, my head and heart are saying STAY but my head also has more things to consider like how will I get back to the UK in January when I have no earning potential here, can Erin really afford to support me in addition to herself and Conner? I am really torn between the two options as I don’t want to make Erin’s life more difficult than it needs to be but at the same time I have never been happier and really don’t want to leave. Studying here looks to be more difficult than we anticipated, just trying to find out who we need to contact in order to start proceedings to acquire a student visa is incredibly difficult, it’s like they don’t want to let anyone in. We’ve found a perfect place for me to study, a technology college called ITT here in Wichita, after checking out their website we talked to one of their advisors and took the tour of the facility. I was very impressed by what I saw. But they aren’t an accredited Department of Homeland Security college so can’t offer me a place under a standard student visa. They advised me to contact the British consulate which I did and the consulate couldn’t advise me basically saying that they have no control over US immigration policy. Every turn we make is blocked, there really seems to be no easy route to making a life together here in the US short of marriage. Feeling as I do right now I would marry Erin in a heartbeat but neither of us wants to get married under such circumstances, feeling like we were forced into marriage.

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