Life in Kansas!

I have been here in Kansas for a five days now and things couldn’t be going much better. Erin and I are getting on fantastically and yesterday was a wonderful day, the first time we have had any time to ourselves since arriving. Erin’s mother took Conner for the night so we could go out for a meal, movie and a drink. And amazingly from a UK point of view, we did all those things in the cinema, they have a restaurant and a bar at the cinema. We watched Max Payne on the absolutely HUGE screen, things are definitely bigger here in the US. During the day, Erin, Conner and I went to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park which was disappointing from a wildlife park point of view but I had a great time playing with Conner on the playground, that really brought the big kid out in me. And I got some great photo’s of Conner and the limited wildlife. I am very happy right now and already dreading having to go home in nine days time, I could quite happily not go home at all but I have already started thinking about my future plans to visit again or move here on a permanent basis. I surprised myself by the way I have adapted to family life (albeit in a limited fashion), Erin is understandably reluctant to hand over too much control to me but she is slowly letting me have more responsibility with Conner which is great as it shows that she is starting to trust me with Conner’s welfare. So all in all, things are going absolutely wonderfully here in Kansas, much better than I could have ever dreamed. Anyway, back to my enjoyment of family life and off to lunch with Erin’s mother and grandmother.

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