My plans to visit America are gathering pace. I have just booked my train tickets to London and bought my first ever piece of luggage for the trip. Small enough to be classed as hand luggage but big enough to hold everything I intend to take with me. I can buy my tickets for the tube and Gatwick/Heathrow Express on the day at no extra cost so I am not going to worry about that for now. I have saved myself about £75 by booking my round train journey in advance. The return ticket to Paddington cost £50.50 but I still have to make my way from Paddington to Victoria for the outbound journey to catch the Gatwick Express but that will only cost about £7 on the circle line. And because I am not going to be paying rent while I am away I will have around about £200 spending money while in the US. I am determined to enjoy the trip and I’ll worry about my predicament when I return to the UK, but I can come home in the knowledge that I’ll have a roof over my head for a couple of months even if it does mean staying with my dad. That’ll give me time to find alternative employment and get the money rolling in again!

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