The battle begins…

I know this was inevitable really but I had hopes that this wouldn’t happen after meeting Erin’s mother and grandmother over Sunday lunch and things seem to go quite well. But things have been said behind my back which I really don’t appreciate. I understand that she has concerns about my intentions but talking behind my back is completely unacceptable, I don’t bite, if she talked to me in person about it then maybe we could resolve some issues. Things that have been suggested is that Erin isn’t serious about me which I know isn’t true otherwise I wouldn’t even be in the US. Also that I could be a child molester or murderer and that I only picked Erin because I couldn’t find anyone in the UK to marry. Which is insulting to Erin, basically saying that I only came here because of a lack of options. I just happen to have fallen in love with Erin and she has fallen in love with me. I am determined to not let that ruin what myself and Erin have together, I have never been felt anything like this before, it’s a feeling that is all encompassing, a feeling of total love, contentment and happiness and we both don’t want me to go home next Tuesday!

Just one sports update, Plymouth Argyle bounced back from their 1 – 3 defeat to Ipswich on Saturday with a 0 – 1 away win at Hillsborough on Tuesday. It wasn’t exactly a great performance but our defence were resolute repelling everything that the home side threw at them. Out of favour striker Steve MacLean scored the only goal of the game against the run of play with a neat turn and shoot effort in the 23rd minute. For most of the game Argyle were on the back foot but defended well to deny the Wednesday any real clear cut shooting opportunities. Argyle are back upto 9th in the league just one point off a play-off spot, a win could see us move up as high as 5th  place. Argyle  return to Sheffield to play 6th placed United on Saturday,  let’s hope for the same fortune as Tuesday evening but I expect United to be much tougher opposition!

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