A Brave New World?

As I have decided to stay an extra two weeks, I was here to experience the momentous US presidential elections. And it seems that America has come of age in a true sense electing it’s first minority president as it’s 44th commander and chief. Barrack Obama had made some grand claims in his presidential campaign and I like what he has to say, trying to create a united America, not a black America, or white America as it has been for hundreds of years. If what he claims is true then he will be a truly progressive president, continuing in the vain of Bill Clinton to attempt to create a united world. Instead of the usual “my dick is bigger than yours” which has plagued so many US presidents when dealing with foriegn leaders. But of course I am a little sceptical when it comes to believing what politicians say, I’ll believe it when I see it. But that said I believe that Obama will be good for his word and many people believe the same as me judging by Obama’s landslide victory. Now all the UK has to do is get rid of Gordon Brown.

On a side note, this is why Americans should not be allowed to have guns. James G. Dewalt from Burlington, Vermont fired 18 rounds from a .22 rifle inside his apartment celebrating Barrack Obama’s victory in the presidential elections. Bullets traveled through walls and windows into other people’s apartments and it was good fortune that no-one was hit by the hail of bullets. Dewalt was arrested and has been charged with three counts of reckless endangerment.

Steven Gerrard rescued Liverpool’s blushes with a last gasp penalty to record a 1 – 1 draw at Anfield against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. Atletico’s goal was a neat interchange of passes resulting in Maxi Rodriguez’ jig around Jamie Carragher to fire home. Liverpool were denied a certain penalty when Luis Perea pulled back Daniel Agger in the 18 yard box. Liverpool had to wait until five minutes into added time before getting a (justice served) penalty which Gerrard dispatched in his usual emphatic style. I think it’s safe to say that Atletico were lucky to come away with a point, riding their luck with penalty decisions. It wasn’t exactly a classic Liverpool performance but a score draw result suits both teams, the Reds sit behind Atletico Madrid in the group on goal difference with both teams likely to progress to the next stage.

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