By the skin of my teeth!

That inevitable time is almost upon me, time for me to start making plans to go home. As much as I don’t want to leave Erin and Conner I need to be able to earn money. Which I can’t do in the US because of petty bureaucracy. I have been looking into prices for my journey from Heathrow Airport back to Plymouth and at current prices I will be able to make it with 14 pence to spare. But I can’t book at the moment as I don’t have sufficient funds in my account. I am awaiting a money transfer from Erin via Paypal and that could be touch and go as Paypal is saying that the transfer will be completed on the 18th. Which is the day that I am supposed to be leaving the US, I just hope that train prices don’t rise by Tuesday morning or I’m in deep trouble, I already have to catch a later train as my preferred train is a little too expensive. Staying the extra two weeks have been costly for both myself and Erin as it has cost me over £100, not to mention a rather chunky phone bill to pay when I get home. And Erin has gone into the red twice in the time I have been here, partly because of entertaining me, which I feel bad about. But I feel that all the expense is worth it because I have found my perfect woman and these four weeks have been the happiest of my life and really can’t wait to get back here to be with Erin and Conner! We really wanted to go to the movie theater to watch Quantum of Solace this weekend but I am reluctant to go with Erin being financially restricted and me not having any spare cash to pay for tickets!

It seems that some of the information that I have been given about the fate of the Voodoo Lounge is incorrect. It seems that Black Catz hasn’t been cancelled, the promoter misunderstood what he was told. He was under the impression that Black Catz was to be on new years eve, but infact it’s on the 27th of December. In fact Alternation should be on new years eve as it falls on a Wednesday, which would in all probability be Alternation’s biggest night of the year, but I get the feeling that I have been usurped. I am still considering making the move to Favela if possible as it’s a smaller venue so the 100 or so regulars won’t be rattling around in a biggish club.

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