Myself and Erin have discussed what is best for us and we have decided to extend my stay by two weeks as neither of us are ready to be apart after two short weeks. I have responsibilities back home; and as much as I want to stay in Kansas with Erin and Conner, that’s not what is best for our relationship at this time. We have looked further into studying in the US and found that we need to apply for a student visa at Wichita University. Although I feel like I could marry Erin right now, that isn’t the best solution, what if it doesn’t work out, things are great now but in the future things maybe different, although I doubt that things will change between us. Yesterday we went to the Sedgwick County Zoo but didn’t get to spend as much time as we wanted there because the laundry took longer than anticipated. But I enjoyed the trip non-the-less, I find myself enjoying the family days out immensely, even more so than alone time with Erin. Now I have a further two weeks here with Erin and Conner and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton took the World drivers championship on Sunday by the skin of his teeth. Hamilton took the drivers title with two corners remaining overtaking the struggling Timo Glock who elected to stay on dry tyres while Hamilton pitted for wet tyres. The German started the final lap 18 seconds ahead of Hamilton but couldn’t find traction on a slippery track allowing Hamilton to close the gap rapidly and pass within sight of the finish line. After 18 races, the title was decided by one point with Massa winning the final race and Hamilton finishing in the 5th place he required to win the championship. Hamilton becomes the youngest ever F1 champion and the first British champion since Damon Hill back in 1996. But McLaren didn’t win the Constructors championship because of Heikki Kovalainen’s underperformance, Ferrari took the Constructors championship by a clear 21 points so honours are even this season!

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