If home is where the heart is…

Then home is here in Kansas with Erin and Conner. I have decided to stay in Wichita until the new year. Last night I thought that I could go home to the UK without any problems, but the reality was that I can’t tear myself away. One month is simply not enough time, Erin and I were almost in tears at the realisation that I would be heading home in a few short hours. Another thing that has made me make this decision is Conner, he is used to me being around and I’m enjoying being around him, seeing him progress, for example; yesterday he bypassed Erin completely upon being picked up to give me a hug. Another thing is the reaction of Conner’s school mates saying to Conner that “your mom and dad are here”. I know that I’m not Conner’s father but it made me feel good, being called dad is such a wonderful feeling! Speaking of dad’s, I called him this morning at the last minute to ask if he could loan me the money for a new plane ticket in January as I can’t extend my ticket any more than I have done already! I am so thankful that he agreed to loan me the extra money to extend my stay, I went from feeling immense sadness to be elated to be able to stay with Erin and Conner for a further 60 days.

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