Unemployment: Probable!

I have been hearing various reports that my employment at the Voodoo Lounge is coming to an end! Apparently the fly mounted speaker system is being removed, the main live PA system being sold and upstairs being changed into a restaurant. The downstairs bar is to become a club/bar playing dance/R’n’B/hip-hop music with DJ’s playing at the weekends. Apparently that started last weekend and pretty much everyone was driven away leaving the venue deserted. If it is true that that the live PA is being sold then my job disappears as the last ever live gig will be this Friday if what is hear is accurate. I know that Black Catz will hold their final night at the Voodoo Lounge on the 29th of this month. I can only assume that Alternation and Dark Angels will also disappear. But I have been in discussion with Mike and we are looking to jump before we are pushed. Hopefully moving Alternation, lock, stock and barrel across the road to Favela, but I’ll have to deal with that when I get back from the US next Wednesday!

Life here in Kansas is still wonderful and I’m incredibly happy, I’m trying to avoid thinking about having to leave next Tuesday morning as I know for sure that I won’t want to leave Erin and Conner. Friday was Erin’s day off work so we spent the day together, starting with a seafood lunch at the Red Lobster then later after dropping Conner off at Erin’s stepmother’s we went to the International House of Pancakes before returning home and to bed (and this is where I stop for the night… no kiss and tell from me). On Saturday evening Erin, Conner and I went out to the movie theater (to use the US spelling) to see Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa which was good but inferior to the original in my opinion. Sunday night was a quiet night at home, after we managed to get Conner to bed we settled down to watch Get Smart in front of a log fire. This trip has definitely been a success and I feel like I really could make my home here in Kansas, at least until Erin finishes her studies, then we can decide where in the world we want to live!

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