Another week has passed!

I have booked my return flight to the UK on the 20th of January 2009 and it seems that I have gotten somewhat of a bargain, £401 for a return ticket. There was no point in getting a single ticket because it’ll cost me nearly £400 more to travel half the distance. It will also allow me to come back to the US one month after returning to the UK if I don’t have much success in finding work within that month! We didn’t do too much during the week as we are trying to save money to counteract our recent indulgences and Christmas is coming up. But Erin, Conner and I did go to Erin’s mothers house for Thanksgiving dinner, which was pleasant enough if nothing special. It seems like I am being accepted by Erin’s family but I am still a little weary after what they have said about me in the past before meeting me. On Friday, I spent the day at home with Conner as school was out after Thanksgiving which wasn’t too much of a problem for me as Conner was well behaved for the most part. It feels very natural to me to look after Conner, it seems like I have a natural paternal instinct! On Saturday we went out looking at possible wedding venues and the word “bland” springs to mind, the only shining light was The Castle Inn Riverside which looks rather attractive by their promotional material. On the same day I had the strange pleasure of seeing Erin try on a few wedding dresses. Which made me feel a little uncomfortable as it’s not normally something that the groom would be party to.

Plymouth Argyle drop two places to 9th in the Championship after their home defeat to Blackpool who ended their four game losing streak. Plymouth Argyle took the lead in the 67th minute, Paul Gallagher firing home Steve MacLean’s pass from the edge of the 18 yard box. After Argyle took the lead they sat back and allowed Blackpool to push forward allowing substitute and debutant Liam Dickinson to score twice in three minutes. The first of which came just three minutes after replacing Steven Kabba. It’s a game that Argyle threw away really; they really should have pushed for a second goal instead of resting on their laurels after scoring. Plymouth have drawn Arsenal at The Emirates Stadium in the third round of the FA Cup so we can safely assume that Argyle will not progress past the third round this time around. I don’t see many Argyle fans making the trip to London because of the extortionate ticket prices at the Emirates. Unless there are special reduced prices for FA cup fixtures with lower league teams, lets hope so as many Argyle supporters don’t have that sort of disposable income.

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