That’s Christmas over and done with for another year, but for a change I really enjoyed my Christmas. It was really nice to feel part of a family again, it’s been many years since I last had a real family Christmas. I got to meet Erin’s brother finally after hearing so much about him. He’s an actor who lives and works in California so doesn’t get back to Kansas too often. It was fun seeing Conner open all his presents which including Hot Wheels Stunt Pack II, Tonka Bounce Back Racer, V-Tech V-Smile Cyber Pocket plus various small toys and clothing items. I got a really cool Guinness hoodie from Erin’s mother and we got a matching set of towels. I also got a Christmas card with $25 inside. I really didn’t expect anything at all but it seems that I have been accepted into the family, or maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part? This Christmas has been the best Christmas since I was very young, infact it’s been the only enjoyable Christmas I have had in my adult life, maybe ever. I actually got more enjoyment out of watching Conner opening his presents than I ever did when I was young opening my own presents. It almost makes me wish I was four years old again. I was setting up his Hot Wheels track last night after he had passed out on the way home. I couldn’t resist having a little play, boy’s never really grow up and I never had anything like that when I was young, toys are so much cooler now and it seems that they are much better stateside too :(

For those of you that are interested; there’s a embedded 15 minute video of the present opening ceremony on Christmas day for your delectation up there in the top right of this entry!

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