I just want to talk to someone!

I knew that my VISA expiration date was absolute regardless of anything less than marriage but Erin made me call USCIS to find out. And I was indeed right, the only way would be to get an extension VISA but that would take more time than I am allowed to remain in the country as I have to leave by the 21st January! Erin just thinks that I am being negative but I know how government agencies work, they rarely budge on their rules no matter how petty they are, and I thoroughly researched every possible angle before I made the trip. My fear is that if we can’t get an appointment with a judge before the 21st he wouldn’t marry us because I am effectively an illegal alien. Which brings up the further issue of if I am found in breach of my VISA then I may not be able to return to the US in the future. Anyway, back the subject matter; why can’t I just talk to someone when I call government departments? There was more than 10 options in the main menu, then a further 5 options in the selected submenu, it took nearly 20 minutes to find my way through to talk to a real person and the options are confusing as hell. Why don’t they just have someone pick up the phone and say “hello”? maybe they hope that people will give up and hang up the phone! If there website had the information I needed then I wouldn’t have even needed to call, it may be on the website but that is equally as confusing to navigate, even searching for the information I needed didn’t return any relevant results, bloody ridiculous.

Only one thing to report in my sporting interests because Plymouth Argyle’s game with Crystal Palace at Home Park has been postponed due to a frozen pitch. Liverpool extend their lead at the top of the Premiership despite their lacklustre scoreless draw with Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium. Chelsea lost their game against Manchester United at Old Trafford allowing United to close to within one point and Liverpool extend their lead to four points. Unlike when Stoke paid a visit to Anfield, they didn’t have an 11 man defense, they attacked the visitors even if Liverpool did have much of the possession. Stoke almost caught out the Reds, Rory Delap hitting the crossbar in the 12th minute from 8 yards. Liverpool had plenty of chances to break the deadlock but none of the men in red could find their range. Their best chance came near the end of the 90 minutes when Steven Gerrard hit the upright. Liverpool have arch rivals Manchester United to thank to extend their Premiership lead but at the same time United become the new threat to their premiership lead sitting just one point behind Chelsea. United may have had a slow start to the season but their campaign is gathering pace now. So Liverpool need to stop dropping points against lower ranked teams. Now for a side issue, Rafa Benitez… shut the fuck up! stop running your mouth about other teams and managers and get on with the job. This was the undoing of Liverpool in last seasons Champions League Semi-final when he ran his mouth about Chelsea’s Didier Drogba who went on to have the game of his life fired up by Benitez’ diving dossier. Stop talking and let the performance on the pitch do the talking; TALK IS CHEAP!

EEK! It’s provisionally official, I will be a married man by 5pm (11pm GMT) on Thursday. Stay tuned for more exciting news… and before you say it, YES I am completely and utterly CRAZY!

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