Bitch Queen from Hell!

That’s what I have dubbed the woman that (and I used this term lightly) served us at the Wichita USCIS office. From the moment we walked in, she was rude and accusative and didn’t even acknowledge us for a couple of minutes. I was already to say something sarcastic when she finally asked what we wanted. We made an appointment to speak to someone and she was the person we was supposed to speak to, so she informed us (through a glass panel in reception, probably to stop people strangling her), she didn’t even ask for our appointment form that was required according to InfoPASS. Then after we explained the situation she barked at us that I was here illegally and that we could get fined and I could get deported for not leaving as instructed on my VISA Waiver. I was well aware of what the VISA Waiver stated which is why we called the national USCIS helpline twice to confirm that what we planned was legal and above board before getting married. Not only that but she accused us of getting married for me to gain entry to the US. I love my wife and want to spend the rest of my life with her and Conner. And frankly I have no urge to live in the US other than to be with my wife and stepson. Besides I don’t need to get married to gain entry, I could have came here on a student VISA or found work here and came over on a work permit. I did lose my temper with her and called her and USCIS useless (which Erin thinks I am saying when I say USCIS). After a car journey and a dozen more grey hairs we got home and called the USCIS helpline again and they confirmed that what the Bitch Queen from Hell told us was completely untrue and our actions were correct and legal. Which of course made me more angry, I wanted to go back to the office and inflict pain on the Bitch Queen from Hell! Not that I would actually do that, common sense would kick in before I actually inflicted any pain. I really wish that we had gotten her name now so I could put in an official complaint on two counts, misconduct for givng us wrong information, making us think that I was  in the country illegally. And for being so damn rude and accusative without being in possession of all the facts. If a government employee acted like that back in the UK, they would be removed so fast their feet wouldn’t touch the ground. The whole experience was pointless as we couldn’t hand in the forms as we thought that we could, infact I can see no logical reason for that office to exist other than to keep the Bitch Queen from Hell in employment. My experience of immigration personnel hasn’t been good since arriving in the US, everyone one I have spoken to in person has been rude and offensive. But the people on the national helpline have been friendly and helpful so I can’t tar them with the same brush! I have to admit this experience has made me wonder whether I really want to live in the US at all, no matter how limited time it may be, but I believe that Erin and Conner are worth the hassle even if it does make me feel like killing someone with all the bureaucratic bullshit we have to go through to be together!

It’s been an active couple of weeks in football ahead of this weekend’s vital fixtures as we move into the final quarter of the season. Luiz Felipe Scolari has been sacked as Chelsea manager after a few poor results. But everyone knows the real reason, he couldn’t step out of the shadow of Jose Mourinho much like Avram Grant. Scolari was sacked in much the same vain as his predecessor for not achieving what Mourinho did after less than one season in charge, both Grant and Scolari didn’t have the same budget as Mourinho did when they came to the club, I believe that Chelsea are chasing their own tail right now trying to the find the elusive ‘special one’. Guus Hiddink is the new coach at Stamford Bridge, can he emulate the ‘special one’? we’ll see, but don’t be surprised to see Hiddink given his marching orders before the end of the season. Steven Gerrard will be out for this weekend’s Premiership match against Manchester City and Xabi Alonso is also out because of suspension leaving Liverpool a little light in the middle of the park. Gerrard is also likely to be out for the midweek Champions League fixture against Real Madrid. Plymouth Argyle have a crunch match against Sheffield United at Home Park, If the Pilgrims lose against United they could find themselves in the bottom three for the second time this season. Paul Sturrock has signed experienced midfielder Carl Fletcher from Crystal Palace on loan for a month to bolster our midfield in the hope that we can get a home win. Many think that if we lose then Sturrock will be given his marching orders but I think he’ll see out this season at least because Sturrock and Stapleton are good mates, but I could be wrong of course!

Now for my take on the Facebook privacy issues that have hit the headlines in the past week. Facebook changed their terms and conditions to say that data likes photos, messages and comments would not be deleted should you decide to leave Facebook. My simply advice is; don’t post anything you don’t want shared with the World. It’s really that simple, if you post sensitive personal information then your basically handing our your personal details to everyone you meet on the street. You wouldn’t do that; so why do it on the Internet? I believe that Facebook’s actions are reasonable to sustain the continuity of the site so your comments, message and posted photos remain in your friends comments and messages! Now if they retained your personal info like phone numbers, Email and postal addresses and used them for profit I’d have an issue with it. I have posted nothing other than my Email address to Facebook and that’s only because it was required to open an account! Use common sense when entering data online!

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