Money, Money, Money…

Erin has gotten almost $6,000 back from the tax man so we have been stocking up on things like groceries spending over $400 and paying off other various debts. Now that these debts are paid off we have more ‘spare income’ if such a thing exists as we have more than $550 extra per month. Erin has also bought me a new set of knives and  a decent chopping board as the knives we had aren’t very sharp which makes cutting up meat and vegetables very difficult and dangerous. We also invested in a new coffee maker that has a timer onboard so we can set it to make our coffee ready for when we get out of bed. Life has been pretty uneventful, I have been learning better php coding practice for my potential new webdesign business if it ever takes off, Erin has been pimping my services left, right and centre so with on my side I could potentially make lots of money. Conner has been testing our patience with his unruly behaviour displaying lots of traits which are indicative of autism. We want to have him tested again for autism even if that means we have to go out of state as the so called professionals here don’t seem to have a clue about what’s wrong with him. We aren’t experts of anything, we are just making educated guesses. He is so argumentative all the time, won’t try anything new and generally disruptive and all over the place if he doesn’t get his own way always whining for no reason whatsoever. The only time he is still is when is playing one of his video games which is counter-productive in my opinion as he turns into a zombie, completely unresponsive and zombie like refusing to even acknowledge us, even if we wave our hands right in front of his face. I’m at a lost as what to do next, we definitely need some professional help to make progress.

Plymouth Argyle have extended their winless streak to six games being beaten 0 – 3 at Home Park against Derby County. Manager Paul Sturrock is blaming defensive mistakes for the heavy loss but  I think he needs to take a long hard look at himself, his signings and his managerial style. Something is seriously wrong in the Argyle camp and I think that the problem is Sturrock, I believe he doesn’t have what it takes to manage and inspire a championship side. And of course there’s the issue of the full time sicknote Emile Mpenza who is costing the club a reputed £10,000 per week to lay on the physio’s bench. And what’s with the bullshit of paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for untested conference players like Jamie Mackie and Craig Noone. If Argyle don’t start winning in  the next few games I believe that Sturrock’s time will be up at Home Park. Plymouth are sitting in 17th place just five points off the relegation zone and could find themselves in 19th come Saturday afternoon if they don’t pull off that elusive win.

Liverpool temporarily moved back to the top of the Premiership on Saturday afternoon after narrowly beating Portsmouth 2 – 3 at Fratton Park. Pompey twice took the lead but Fernando Torres sealed the victory for the visitors in the dying moments of the game. Manchester United restored their two point gap at the top of the Premiership narrowly beating West Ham at the Boleyn Ground on Sunday afternoon relegating the Reds back down to second place. United still have a game in hand over the chasing group so Liverpool need to keep winning their games and hope that United slip up a few times in the season run-in, Let’s hope for a speedy recovery for Liverpool’s talisman Steven Gerrard to keep the Red’s title aspirations on track this season!

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