Piss Take!

Yesterday Erin came home and told me that she either has to work longer hours every day or come into work on her day off for two hours to make up the deficit because she works nearly every Saturday. Because on Saturday the office is only open for six hours which is two less than weekday hours, she ends up working two hours less than the 40 hours she is contracted to work. I think the owners and/or management company need to swallow those two hours as it’s not Erin’s fault that she is two hours short at the end of each week. I’m pissed off as myself and Conner hardly ever get to see Erin and now we’ll see her even less because of those petty bastards at ConAm. Three people work in that office and Erin is the one that works every Saturday unless it suits one of the others to work if they need extra money. In my opinion, everyone who works in a small office should work at least one Satuday, so each of them would only have to work 1 out of 3 Saturdays. And my wife is being penalised for working those Saturdays, she always works four hours in her clinic to complete her hours to become qualified as a massage therapist on her day off. Now in reality we’ll lose the very little time we have to do things we need to do because she’ll have to work those two hours, or not leave the office until 6:30pm every day. Erin is always defending the other people in the office but I believe they are taking advantage of Erin’s good nature, I know that I wouldn’t take such bullshit from any employer, no job is worth all the hassle and stress. I’m tempted to not hand over the Buttonwood Tree website unless they pay me they development costs as they being so damn petty over two hours, but I’ll be lowering myself to their level. Even more ridiculous is Erin often leases one or two apartments on Saturdays.

While on the subject of petty, bureaucracy… I’ve just finished filling out the forms needed to get my status changed to a permanent resident, basically applying for a GREEN CARD and work permit applications, plus other miscellaneous related forms. It literally does ask you questions like (of course in a very long winded manner) “are you a terrorist?”, “are you a drug trafficker?”, “do you want to overthrow the government?”, “are you a communist?”, “are you a Nazi?” and even “are you a prostitute?”. Of course I ticked YES to all of the above… That’s a joke if any US government employees are reading this, I know you’re not allowed to have a sense of humour.

Thinking about yesterday’s Argyle rant, I think that in the current situation that Sturrock probably needs to stay as manager until the end of the season. With 13 games remaining and a possible 39 points to be won, I think a manager that has never been relegated and doesn’t want for that to change is our best option. Having their back’s to the wall often brings out the best in people and I think that Sturrock is one of those people. At least I sincerely hope so as our survival as a Championship club depends on it. Sacking Sturrock will wipe out any funds for loan players to help save Argyle from the drop as it’s estimated that it will cost £500,000+ to pay off Sturrock and his staff! Does anyone actually want the job as Argyle manager in the current situation?

I find this interesting and very true; with some exceptions, particularly Martin Luther King as he was an advocate for equal rights rather than black rights. Why do many people of African decent believe that white people are racist when many African Americans in particular are clearly racist but label it as standing up for black rights? I say this in the month that celebrates BLACK HISTORY, why should we have black history or white history? here’s an idea, let’s just have history, we all have a common history regardless of which side of the race fence you sit on. There was a time when white man suppressed and repressed the black culture but things have changed but sadly some people (black AND white) cling onto the past instead of moving with the times. This is why I like President Barrack Obama, he talks a whole bunch of sense and hopefully can drag America as a nation into the 21st century with his united America stance.

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