Pissed Off!

For the first time in my relationship with Erin In am truly pissed off. There is a serious issue with Conner climbing into our bed in the middle of the night. The first few times I let it go despite not being happy with the situation. At 5:30 this morning Conner came into our room which instantly woke me up and he mumbled “mama can I sleep with you?”. Erin didn’t even wake up, I repeatedly told Conner to go back to his own bed but he kept on walking towards Erin’s side of the bed. By now I have gotten out of bed and walked around to Erin’s side of the bed and tried to pick up Conner to take him back to his own room. Only for him to hold onto Erin’s arm and starting with the crocodile tears. Erin says let him sleep with us just this time, I let go and walk out of the room and try to get some sleep on the sofa without success. I’m pissed off because Erin and I talked about this issue just a couple of days previous and agreed that we wouldn’t allow Conner to sleep in our bed no matter what time he came into our room. He needs to be sleeping his own bed, he is 4 1/2 years old, it’s not normal for him to be climbing in our bed on a constant basis like he does. If Erin and I aren’t on the same page on how to raise Conner, that’s no good for him and definitely no good to the longevity of our relationship as we will constantly be battling each other over this issue. As much as I love Erin, I am starting to wonder whether we jumped into marriage too quickly. Am I being unreasonable? I don’t believe that I am, there is already too much variation in this family with on set of grandparents having one idea and the other set having another idea. I fall somewhere in between the two camps.

Just to make my mood even worse, I find that O2 have sent me a bill for immediate payment for £582. A few months back I contacted O2 saying that I was out of the country asking if I could suspend the account until February and pay up the account balance at that time. They refused point blank saying that if I don’t pay for that length of time my account would be suspended and/or disconnected and I would be charged for the remainder of the contract term. I borrowed some money from my father to pay off two month’s bill which came to around £130 only for the payment to fail repeatedly and they cut me off despite the attempted payment. So I swapped out the O2 sim card for my old T-Mobile PAYG sim card. Now that I have decided to settle here in America I just hope that they don’t visit my dad’s address (where my phone is registered) looking to take goods to the value of this bullshit debt. I’m going to Email O2 and explain the situation in the (remote) hope that they’ll stay away from my father’s address. I guess that it’s my own fault, I shouldn’t have gotten another contract phone after the Orange debacle. But at that time things weren’t going well between myself and Erin so didn’t think that I would be away for this length of time or even if I was going to be leaving the UK at all at that point!

It’s been a mixed bag for my football interests as well. Plymouth Argyle drew 0 – 0 in their tie with Ipswich Town at Portman Road dropping them a point closer to the relegation zone. Liverpool beat Chelsea 2 – 0 at Anfield to stay within touching distance of Manchester United at the top of the table.  Starting with Plymouth, the Pilgrims have Romain Larrieu and the woodwork to thank for keeping a clean sheet. Both Paul Gallagher and Simon Walton went close to putting Argyle into the lead. Plymouth’s strikers misfired (again) when they really should have put the ball in the net, so no change there. I am disillusioned with Argyle’s form, for a club that have spent big (going well over budget), the new signings haven’t delivered! Liverpool have Fernando Torres to thank for their victory over Chelsea scoring twice in the 89th and 90th minute. Liverpool piling on the pressure after Frank Lampard was sent off for Chelsea. It doesn’t matter when the goals come as long as Liverpool score more goals than their opponents when the 90 minutes are up! Liverpool just have to win their games and hope Manchester United slip up!

While I’m in a ranting mood, Internet Explorer… why the fuck doesn’t it follow the World Wide Web Consortium‘s HTML and CSS standards when rendering web pages. My Alternation Design website looked great with clever CSS coding that works amazingly in Firefox 3, Opera and validates as XHTML Transitional and valid CSS doesn’t work as desired in Internet Explorer 7, rendering some elements off the page. I know that I need to code for Internet Explorer as the vast majority of visitors are likely to be using IE. But at the same time you would think that if its validated as correct by w3c then it would work flawlessly in all browsers, but Mr Gates and his cronies have other ideas it seems. A little note to people reading this article in Internet Explorer, download Firefox 3 and view this page again and see the difference… pretty rounded corners.

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