Spend a pound?

If the latest proposals from budget airline RyanAir are put into place, spending a penny could cost us a pound. The firm is considering the option of having a money slot that accepts pound coins on all toilet doors on it’s aircraft. I would say that this is penny pinching but it’s more like pound pinching. Rochelle Turner of Which? says this move will dissuade people from purchases of their overpriced onboard drinks. Looking at it in this way makes this move even more unbelievable as the company will probably lose money as many people will simply omit drinks while onboard as most flights are less than a couple of hours or even fly with another airline!

Rafa Benitez is likely to be staying at Anfield after today’s announcement that chief executive Rick Parry is to leave the club at the end of the season. Benitez has been very vocal about his lack of involvement in the youth system having to answer to Parry on ‘football matters’ constantly. Of course the club statement is all about mutual respect and admiration from all sides but it is a well know fact that things have been strained between Parry, Benitez and co-owner Tom Hicks with Hicks asking Parry to resign from his post last year. Hopefully now that this issue has been resolved, Liverpool can get on with the business of winning games and hopefully titles, although the Premiership is already lost unless Manchester United has a dodgy patch in the next 12 games! But our Champions League campaign is alive and well this season!

Things are looking more hopeful for the former Honda team in F1 as they prepare to test the first car since Ross Brawn joined the team. The former Ferrari man estimates that the car could be up there with BMW and Renault this coming season. The Brackley based team will test in Barcelona and Silverstone over the the next fortnight as if they are going to start the season in Melbourne on March 29th. Let’s hope that this is a sign that Honda (or whatever it will be called from this season) will be on the grid for 2009. They couldn’t test without an engine could they, let’s hope that an engine deal has been done for 2009, hopefully it’ll be a Mercedes engine!

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