Times Up!

At least it should be for Plymouth Argyle manager Paul Sturrock after another heavy home defeat. But rather discouragingly chairman Paul Stapleton has pledged his support for Sturrock saying he will release funds to bring in a goalscorer on loan to keep the Pilgrims in the Championship next season. And this is despite the club being massively over budget, now say after me “get rid of that sicknote Emile Mpenza” he’s costing Plymouth £10,000 per week to warm his arse in the dressing room benches. More money has been spent on players in the past 12 months than for the previous 5 years put together and what do we have to show for it, two points and two goals since Boxing day. This evening Argyle were thumped 1 – 3 by Crystal Palace at Home Park and Argyle never even looked like they were in the game much to the dismay of the 10,000 fans in the stands. Sturrock and Stapleton can bitch as much as they like about attendances but why should people pay almost £30 to see their team lose and draw matches week in, week out? I believe that Sturrock’s position is becoming more and more unatenable by the day, even the hardcore Sturrock fans are losing patience with the Scot! I don’t expect Argyle to win every game, we aren’t a super rich top club, but seven points out of 42, and not won a game in nearly two months? Sturrock may have been a legend in lower leagues for Argyle but he simply isn’t cutting it at Championship level. I also believe that Sturrock isn’t the manager he used to be, Parkinson’s desease n’all, I think it’s time to step down and be remembered for what achieved at Argyle in Divisions 2 and 3 and not for taking Argyle down!

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