Closing The Gap!

Liverpool capitalised on Manchester United and Chelsea’s failure to win their matches yesterday by thumping Aston Villa 5  – 0 at Anfield today. Steven Gerrard was in inspired form finding the back of the net three times backed up by goals from Dirk Kuyt and Albert Riera. This win also moves Liverpool ahead of Chelsea on goal difference as well as three points and within one point of Manchester United, although the Mancunians do have a game in hand over Liverpool and Chelsea. Even with the game in hand, the league is wide open again; who would have thought that Fulham would have beaten Manchester United 2 – 0? Chelsea coach Guus Hiddink has all but conceded that the Premiership title is lost after their 1 – 0 loss at White Hart Lane. Liverpool seem to be on a bit of run right now, 4 – 0 against Real Madrid at Anfield, then beating United 1 – 4 at Old Trafford and now 5 – 0 at Anfield against Villa today, more of the same please!?!?

My weekend here in Kansas, on Friday Erin and I went to the movie theatre to see the new Nicolas Cage movie Knowing. And it was very very good, special effect were spectacular and the plot line was very interesting. I won’t say what happens in the move because I don’t want to spoil it for others but I recommend it, especially to sci-fi geeks as its got an interesting twist at the end. Of course Erin found the movie to have a lot of religious undertones as she has done with many of the movies that we have seen together since my arrival. On Saturday evening Erin, Conner, Travis and I went out to Lake Afton Observatory. It was a different experience although a little disappointing because what we could see was distinctly unimpressive. The view of Saturn almost looked fake like there was something hanging from the other end of the telescope. But the view outside was spectacular, it’s amazing to see how many stars are in the sky that we don’t see from the towns and cities we live in because of all the ambient light a city generates. Today we’re having a day at home, chilling out watching some sci-fi goodness, probably Torchwood.

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