Now that the wife has gone back to work…

I can do a more comprehensive round up of all things Jason. Yesterday I wrote about the upturn in my footballing fortunes so no need to cover that again except to say that I am very happy with the change of luck and let’s hope for more of the same. The former Honda team will be racing in F1 as Brawn GP in the upcoming season. Last years drivers Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello will continue as drivers for the 2009 season. The newly named Brawn GP will be using Mercedes engines which hopefully will give them the power to fight for podiums this coming season. It will be a challenge to be on the pace straight away but with two experienced drivers on the roster, that’ll speed up the process and in a way, and everyone is starting from scratch with the raft of new regulations in place for 2009, so this season should be interesting.

As the title eludes to, Erin has been at home for the last few days because she has been ill, although that doesn’t stop her going to work. On Tuesday she was booted out of the office by the manager for coming to work while sick. Wednesday was a day of rest as I haven’t been getting much sleep recently partly because of going to bed late and partly because of my chronic insomnia. But yesterday we went to the doctor to get my physical for my application for a change of status. I had three injections for flu, measles, mumps, and rubella and tetanus, which wasn’t as bad as expected, I haven’t had many injections over the years mainly because of bad experiences with doctors in the past. They also took some blood to test for STD’s or is it STI’s these days? I have to go back later today for a tuberculosis test and hopefully will get the result on Monday, let’s hope that I don’t have anything wrong with me. That’s another part of why I don’t visit the doctor for fear of finding something wrong as all sorts of disease runs in my family!

Later we went around looking at some local schools for Conner to attend next year as his current Pre-K school, Top Learning Center have some incredibly petty rules. Such as the so-called “one minute rule”, if we arrive even ONE second late, they won’t let him attend school that day which messes up our whole day. Another thing was that we weren’t allowed to bring food for him to eat at lunch as he is a fussy eater, so he would often go hungry all day. I think that one is bordering on child cruelty. Oh and their parent teacher meetings are pointless, we never get to talk to a teacher directly about our son. It’s always some pointless two hour presentation that was have to sit through. And if you miss one, they put a shitty letter in our pigeon hole. So suffice to say he won’t go going to Top next year. Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked there on that little rant. We looked at three schools, one private school, Wichita Collegiate, and two public schools, Minneha and Beech. And the verdict (at least from my point of view) is that the private school doesn’t offer enough to justify the $10,000 price tag + speech therapy costs. Both public schools have speech therapists on staff which is a big bonus and offers everything that Collegiate offers and more in my opinion. I believe that Minneha is the best option for Conner at this time, but myself and Erin are going to talk it over with Erin’s mother tonight as we want her to be involved, we want her opinion! Another opinion never hurts, she may see things we missed!

Now for the amazing bit, before our appointment at Wichita Collegiate we had some time to kill so I agreed to go to the Art Museum with Erin. And surprisingly I actually enjoyed it a little, art is not normally my thing unless it’s photography, which I can appreciate from a technical aspect as I am a amateur photographer myself. Although it was odd to be charged $5 to visit an art museum, usually these type of attractions are free! But it made Erin happy so it’s all good!

Politically correct nursery rhymes? what the fuck is going on in this world? “What shall we do with the grumpy pirate?” and “Tickle him till he starts to giggle, Early in the morning.”… political correctness gone crazy, although the creators of the new version of “What shall we do with the drunken sailor” says that the changes weren’t politically motivated, *cough*bullshit*cough* “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep” is another one that has hit the headlines recently and even “Three Little Pigs” has been subject to a gagging order because it may be offensive to Muslims. I have no issues with any nationality or beliefs but why should we compromise our heritage and nationalism for fear of upsetting other nationalities. In reality many of the nationalities that it’s supposedly offensive to don’t find it offensive in the slightest, as I said political correctness gone crazy! Yes this is one of my soapbox issues! PC = BS

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