Formula 1’s newest team Brawn GP have surprised everyone in testing by topping the time sheets on days one and three of testing in Jerez. Fernando Alonso deposed Rubens Barrichello’s Brawn GP car on day two but not by much, the Brazilian was only 1/10th off the pace of Alonso. While current world champion Lewis Hamilton is languishing upto two seconds off the pace and by Lewis’ own admission, McLaren are well off the pace and have a lot of ground to make up. Ross Brawn’s newly formed [out of the ashes of Honda] team has been the surprise package so far but testing isn’t necessarily a good indicator of race form as we have found in years gone by. But hopefully with a competitive car, Jenson Button and veteran Barrichello will be up at the sharp end of the grid after languishing at the back for the past two seasons under Honda management! It’s nice to see an independent team can still cut the mustard in Formula One in today’s climate!

Now for something that has consistently pissed me off over the past five months, Top Learning Center here in Wichita. Today we were informed on our way out that we would have to pick up Conner by 12:45 which is only 4 hours after we drop him off which is highly inconvenient for us. We didn’t quite make it for 12:45 and were “fined” $10 for being a few minutes later. It really seems to me that they have no clue of how to run a business, pissing off parents is a very clever policy isn’t it!?!?. For example if we are one second later that 8:29am they won’t even let children into the school. And they don’t allow parents to bring in outside food for fussy eaters so the children have to go hungry all day long if they won’t eat what is on offer at TOP. And if you miss one parent teacher meeting (I used the term loosely) they leave a shitty letter in your pigeon hole. The parent teacher meetings are pointless as you just have to listen to some speaker prattle on about something pointless and never find out anything about how our child is doing at school. I want to pull Conner out of TOP but I don’t think that Erin is as convinced about the wisdom of removing Conner from TOP, we need to discuss it further. Their policies really don’t work in the real world, unfortunately life isn’t like that and parents can’t always be there exactly on time every single day! I know that there are a number of parents that have already removed their children from the school because of these very issues highlighted above!

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