Talk about being overcharged!

This website is hosted with 1&1 Internet in the UK which I thought was pretty good value for money. But now I am living in the US of A I have been looking at alternatives. I do like 1&1 Internet, I have no complaints about their service, but the deals in the UK suck big time compared to the US based 1&1 Internet. The home package in the US is almost equal to the Business Pro package back in the UK for less than $5 per month compared to almost $25 per month given the current exchange rate. Even the Business Pro package here in the US which offers much more than the UK equivalent is going for less than $10 + sales tax, which is less than $11 in total. Great you think, change to one of the US packages, but the problem is that 1&1 US doesn’t have the ability to register .uk domain names because they don’t have an IPS tag. Which means that I would need to keep my domain names with 1&1 UK and point it to 1&1’s US DNS servers where they can set up A and MX records. It’s not ideal but it seems that’s the only way to go. Paying out $25 per month for hosting is ridiculous when half the features I don’t even use as they are geared towards people that are not as web savvy as I am. I like to be able to code my own websites and backend code to my needs instead of using web based wizards!

Randomness time! The worst song of all time (and yes I do have it my collection, you never know what people will request!) Agadoo is to be remixed and re-released. I haven’t heard the remixed version but the original is certainly cheesy with a side order of cheese. I probably shouldn’t admit this but I actually quite like it, I tend to like cheesy fun pop songs simply because of the nerve of the people behind the band to release such utter rubbish. If you are too young to remember the horror that is Black Lace, click here to watch a video of Agadoo on YouTube.

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