American Television!

Television here in the United States baffles me; the commercial interruption is to be expected as four commercial breaks per hour has become the norm world wide based on the US model. But what baffles me is the amount of censorship on American television when the country has been founded upon free speech! Many innocuous words such as “shit” are censored here in the US with a new court ruling allowing television networks to be heavily fined for singular swear words on live television. I understand why this is in place for day-time viewing but late night viewing as well seems ludicrous to me. In today’s world where swearing is commonplace, having swearing in television shows reflects real life, seriously no one says FRAK as showcased in Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi. Same goes for nudity in the US, never mind “no sex please, were British”, it seems that Americans are more prude like when it comes to television. I believe that swearing and nudity should be shown in artistic context but not gratuitously. Good television should reflect real life and censoring even the lightest of profanities is crazy in my head. The US needs a system where there is a watershed of 10pm, where R rated movies and shows can be shown, much like the system used in the United Kingdom. I’m afraid to watch any movies on television here for fear of having it censored to within an inch of it’s life, ruining the whole movie!

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