The US government is to take action on Co2 emissions after many years of ignorance denying global warming was an issue. Of course this change of direction was spearheaded by President Obama. The new commander and chief has done more for the US in four months than President Bush did for America in eight years. Nothing has been decided yet but the first action is likely to be cutting emissions from exhaust systems. Maybe more tax will be added to fuel prices like in other countries to encourage people to drive more conservative vehicles instead the a huge gas guzzlers that saturate the roads in the US!  It’s about time the US government have taken action on global warming, well done President Obama for standing up against the conglomerates unlike his predecessors! Many other countries won’t take action unless the US cut’s it’s carbon footprint drastically and I can see their point. What’s the point in smaller countries cutting emissions when one of the worlds biggest polluters are burying their heads in the sand ignoring the issue!

Record and movie industry bosses will consider today as a victory but in reality it’ll make no difference whatsoever. What am I talking about you wonder? Today the founders of The Pirate Bay have been sentenced to one year in jail by a court in Sweden. The four accused were tried and convicted as a team and ordered to $4.5 million in compensation which falls well short of the $17.5 million that the record and movie companies wanted. The four say that they will appeal the decision and will refuse to pay the fine. One of the accused Peter Sunde went on to say “We can’t pay and we wouldn’t pay. Even if I had the money I would rather burn everything I owned, and I wouldn’t even give them the ashes.” When will record and movie firms wake up and smell the coffee, you can never stop people sharing and copying music, movies and software, it’s been happening for decades in one form or another. You close one avenue and another will open almost immediately. Most people download music, movies and software because of the extortionate prices that these conglomerates charge for something that costs only a fraction of what it retails for to create. I understand that there are costs in making the movie or recording the album but selling DVD’s for $20 minimum and around about $15 for a 12 track CD album. Halve the prices and more money will be made as people are more willing and able to spend $10 on a DVD. The record companies have been too slow to react to the digital age and have paid the price of their ignorance as far as I am concerned! Move with the times or perish, simple as that!

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