Sleepless in Kansas!

So I am having trouble sleeping and find myself channel hopping and I come across one of those late night 30 minute infomercials that seem to plague overnight TV broadcasts here in the US. The infomercial was for Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions, of course being the sceptic that I am the first thing I thought was it’s a scam. And from what I have read around the Internet it seems that it is indeed a scam, it seems to be some sort of pyramid scheme from what I have read. The whole premise of being sent a CD-ROM with 10 complete websites that you just upload and start making money instantly sounds too good to be true? then the obvious answer is “it probably is”. Another one that I see all over Facebook and MySpace is Google Cash which is probably another pyramid scheme as I see almost identical text on many different domains with various affiliate codes in links. I wonder about the validity of many of the sites I looked at condemning schemes such as Google Cash and Jeff Paul as they seem to have their own agenda with links recommending so called legitimate make money from home schemes complete with affiliate codes. The words “there’s a sucker born every minute” springs to mind! You’ll notice that I haven’t included any links for any of the products mentioned above, this is two fold, I don’t want to link to these scams and I have no agenda in writing this blog entry, just killing time!

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