It’ll never be the same!

It’s the eve of the Eurovision Song Contest, and Ireland are out in the semis (shock, horror). I have just heard that Terry Wogan will not be presiding over events for the BBC. For many including myself, Sir Terry was the main reason to tune in every year! Even worse is that; the most annoying man on television Graham Norton will be taking over from the 70 year old. I’m happy I won’t be able to watch it this year now, let’s face it not many people actually watched it for the musical content. Sir Terry gave eastern bloc political voting as the reason for quitting the show after 35 years going on to say Eurovision was “no longer a music contest”. I know that this is old news as this was reported in December but I didn’t hear about it until now in the US. Thank you Sir Terry Wogan for the last 35 years although I only remember the last 20 years!

In other general stuff in my own life; I am now officially an alien and I have a number to prove it. I have an appointment to have my biometric information taken to start the process of hopefully getting my green card, employment authorisation document and associated documents. Erin and I are looking for a house to rent in preparation for the new addition to the family in December. This also allows for Erin to pursue her career of massage therapy, she already has a job waiting for her but living here makes it difficult for her to take the job as this apartment comes with the current job Erin has. So getting our own house together makes perfect sense in many ways. We’d prefer to move in the next couple of months instead of having to wait until after the baby is born, we want to be settled before baby Ianto or Alia comes along!

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