Star Trek!

Yesterday even Erin and I went to see the new Star Trek movie directed by JJ Abrams. We weren’t expecting much as we both disliked Lost with a vengeance and fully expected to be left disappointed and angry at the sacrilege that we expected to see on the big screen! But we were pleasantly surprised by the great job Abrams did directing Star Trek (XI). In fact I would go as far a saying it was excellent, the actors chosen to play the roles, the script and and surprise appearances from a certain original cast member. Of course this sparked a major discussion between Erin and I about causality and paradoxes, mainly about what exactly is a paradox! I believe that a paradox is only caused if a person goes back on their own personal time line. Erin believes that it doesn’t matter if it’s a personal time line or even the same reality, two identical bodies can not exist in the same place and time regardless or time line, dimension or reality! Yes I know we are a pair of geeks which is why we are so perfectly matched. Back on subject if you are a Star Trek fan and have been holding off seeing the movie because of the fear that it has been ruined… go see it; it’ll be well worth it! And it does answer some questions about what happened to captain Pike from the original series pilot episode! Bring on the next instalment!

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