The love affair is over!

It seems that Formula 1’s governing body the FIA are not such good friends with Ferrari right now with president Max Mosley going on record as saying “F1 can survive without Ferrari” The Italian team have gotten their way more than any other team over the last 15 years especially during the Schumacher era. Many including myself felt that Ferrari got preferential treatment where the FIAT owned team got away punishment free when other teams had been penalised for the same rule infringements. Unsurprisingly Ferrari don’t like the new rules to be enforced in 2010 specifically the spending cap! Mosley went on to say that Ferrari would have to obey the new rules or leave the sport. Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has said the new rules are “fundamentally unfair”; adding “it will unfairly penalise their team”. This is all too familiar to regular F1 watchers, anything that doesn’t work in Ferrari’s favour is unfair and all their toys are thrown out of the pram. I believe that the FIA have got in right this time around, the sport isn’t sustainable at the current spending levels, it’s only the big teams like Ferrari and McLaren that have the resources to keep spending like we are still living in boom times. I wouldn’t be upset if Ferrari left Formula 1, one team should not be bigger than the sport, otherwise we might as well call F1; Formula Ferrari. I’m willing to bet that Ferrari will kick and scream about it but ultimately will fall in line once the FIA make it clear they aren’t going to budge on their stance!

While on the topic of Formula 1; Friday marked the 15th anniversary of one of F1’s blackest days. It will always be remembered as the weekend that racing legend Ayrton Senna died hitting the barrier doing 135mph. But we shouldn’t forget Roland Ratzenberger also died the day before in qualifying in only his third ever Grand Prix. R.I.P. Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna! Thankfully F1 hasn’t seen such tragedy since and I hope we never do again!

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