Annoyed by Fox TV’s idiocy!

I actually made the effort to get up at 7am this morning to watch the Turkish Grand Prix; I turned on the TV and tuned into Speed TV only to see a caption at the bottom of the screen telling me that delayed coverage will be shown seven hours later on Fox. I’m even more pissed off because I went to bed extra early, missing Iron Maiden’s “Flight 666” on VH1 at midnight to make sure I was awake for the race, [insert relevant swear words here]. I am baffled by Fox Networks who owns Speed TV as to why they didn’t show the race live at 7am on Speed TV for the dedicated F1 fans then show a re-run of the race at 2pm on Fox for the casual viewers. I did praise Speed TV’s coverage previously but that praise has now been revoked for this act of total stupidity. It’s obviously a commercial decision; nothing to do with showing it at a more sensible time; Fox can charge more for advertising time at a mid afternoon time slot than they can on Speed TV’s early morning timeslot. I won’t be watching the race this afternoon for two reasons; (1) I already know the result, and (2) I would rather spend that time with my family. Anyway; the result, Jenson Button took his sixth race win of the season comfortably beating the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel who only got pole by running light on fuel in qualifying. Mark Webber leapfrogged Vettel in the sister Red Bull to finish second 5 seconds behind Button’s Brawn. It’s looking like it’s Jenson Button’s championship to lose; the Brawn car is head and shoulder above the rest of the grid at the moment. In other news from F1; Force India have joined Williams in the naughty corner after submitting an unconditional entry into the 2010 F1 championship. Force India have been “suspended” or “kicked out” as Frank Williams said in a recent interview! Surprisingly Ross Brawn is supporting FOTA, so we could see Brawn win the championship at their first attempt only to leave at the end of their championship year. But I still agree with Max Mosley’s budget cap idea and hope that he sticks to his guns even if we lose the likes or McLaren and Brawn, teams should not be allowed to dictate what happens in the sport; they should have a say in rules and regulations but not be allowed to dictate, teams are not bigger than the sport!

In general personal life stuff I am have real problems sleeping without the aid of sleeping pills. Even if I have been awake since 7am I still can’t get to sleep until 4am – 5am. Which is driving me absolutely crazy, laying in bed while my wife sleeps watching online TV; I have watched several seasons of Eureka, Sliders and Quantum leap plus random other shows on online on-demand TV station Hulu (which sadly isn’t available to UK viewers). I have come to the conclusion that I must be a natural nocturnal person or maybe I am a vampire; I do like the taste of blood! It’s worrying that I am becoming reliant on sleeping pills to be able to fall asleep at a sensible time, took some at 8pm last night to be able to sleep before 11pm to watch the non-broadcast Grand Prix. This isn’t anything new; I have been nocturnal for years because of work and it suited me back in the UK as it allowed me to talk with Erin through the night but now it’s just damn annoying! I have also been struggling with the heat here in the mid-west; temperatures have been in the 90°F range and in the high 60°F’s during the night this week and I don’t like hot temperatures at all. And it’s only going to get worse; apparently as the summer progresses temperatures can reach 110°F and above; I’m really not looking forward to August!

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