I’m bored now!

The 12th of June has come and gone and the FIA have lost all credibility now that they have included the eight FOTA teams in the official 2010 F1 entry list. The eight FOTA teams, Ferrari, Toyota, McLaren, Renault, BMW, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Brawn GP still have not agreed to enter the championship unconditionally. The FIA have now given the eight teams another five days to decide if they want to enter unconditionally or not. Max Mosley has said that if the teams don’t sign up before next Wednesday he’ll start allocating spaces from the list of new teams who entered into the 2010 championship before the 29th deadline. The three new names that have been selected from the list of 10 new teams are USGPE, Campos Meta and an unknown entrant Manor Grand Prix. I am surprised to see that Pro-Drive didn’t make it into the 2010 season as they had already been previously accepted into the 2008 championship but didn’t make due to a late rule change disallowing customer cars. I expect Max Mosley to delay the deadline again come the 17th of June because he doesn’t want to lose most of the established teams; that much is clear. FOTA called his bluff and he is back-peddling big time. Either the FIA excludes the in-dispute teams and fills the grid spots from the pool of new entrants or he might as well give into FOTA’s demands, it’s plain to see that Mosley doesn’t have the courage of his convictions!

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