More hospital time!

I find myself sitting awake at 4am in the morning worrying about things. Yesterday I spent the day in hospital with my pregnant wife after she was rushed to hospital with severe bleeding. Obviously I hear about this and start to assume the worst hearing such statements as “when she was transferred from the wheelchair to a bed there was a pool of blood in the chair.” I couldn’t get there myself as I can’t drive myself there not holding a US licence n’ all. Getting myself arrested on the way there wouldn’t have helped matters. I eventually got to the hospital when Erin’s mother arrived to take our son Conner for the day instead of having him being bored at the hospital. After being there for several hours, after a lot of poking and prodding and two sonograms later we find out that the baby is fine right now but Erin’s placenta is slightly detached from her cervix and there is nothing we can do except for to hope and pray that we don’t miscarry. It’s frustrating to both myself and Erin that we can’t do anything about it. The doctor said that there’s nothing they could do at this stage of the pregnancy to stop a miscarriage if it is going to happen. Erin isn’t taking this news very well and I am trying to hold it together being strong for her. It’s going to be hard to take if we miscarry now that we think it’s a girl and have seen her face and other body parts, it’s no longer a foetus, it’s now a baby and it seems that we are a week further along than our obstetrician said we were. People have said that it happens sometimes and often everything works out fine in the end, I hope this is one of those cases.

I got to drive the car back from the office to our apartment for the first time today as Erin was rushed to hospital straight from the office. I had avoided it previously as I haven’t driven a car in years and never driven an automatic on the right side of the road. But I managed fine after being told that I need to have my foot on the brake to engage a gear, obviously I didn’t know that as I had never driven an automatic car before. I engaged reverse and lifted off the brake and the car started moving backwards without applying any power on a flat road; of course my reaction was to step back on the brake. Once I got over that it was fine, driving was just like I remember just without a clutch! Although it was hard to not left foot brake not having a clutch pedal to rest my left foot on. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as I lift off the accelerator before braking; too many years of playing racing games on my Playstation and PC with steering wheel and pedals.

What did annoy me is Travis who drove my wife to hospital was told by the apartment complex manager that he would have to take the time used taking my wife to the hospital as lunch rather than putting it down as working so he could still have lunch and get paid for the hour offsite. What a heartless bitch; Erin could be having a miscarriage and she is worried about paying less than $10 for the time Travis was helping out a fellow workmate. I really don’t like her at all; I don’t think she is a good manager; she has poor organisation and people skills. Literally people have changed their mind about taking an apartment because they didn’t like her saying she is rude and unprofessional! Oh and get this; the management company won’t pay for maternity leave; they consider the baby to be a parasite. I really can’t wait to get working and moving off this property allowing my wife to rest and relax more until the baby is born.

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