Police Brutality!

I tuned into Radio 1 back home through the Internet and the first thing I hear about on News Beat is police officers in Nottingham tasering a man twice while on the ground. One officer is seen throwing three punches towards the man’s upper body. This was leaked to local radio station Trent FM and later uploaded to social video site You Tube. We don’t see what happened before the incident but the taser victim seemed to be relatively subdued on the ground. From what I can see from the video it was a complete overreaction on the part of the police and even looked like police thuggery. If the four officers involved don’t at minimum get disciplined that’ll set a dangerous precedent which will lead to more trouble with police patrolling nightclub districts. At least with this video in circulation the police can’t sweep this one under the carpet; I can’t wait to hear the police commissioner explain this one away. If you’ve not seen the video yet; click here to make your own mind up and listen out for the nob shouting taser, taser, taser!!!

Life here in Kansas is getting very strained because of the situation we find ourselves in. Being trapped in this apartment complex because we get a free apartment so Erin can’t quit her job as a leasing agent to work in massage therapy. Right now because I am not working due to the slow government machine taking it’s time issuing my work permit or green card. Which means that we can’t move out of what I have dubbed Beirut because we don’t have enough income to pay for a months rent + several hundred deposit elsewhere. if Erin took the job at the massage clinic we could easily afford to move as she would earn twice as much as she does now. But the catch is that we would have to move out of this apartment within 72 hours of giving notice at her job.  Last night we got into a big argument about how to proceed in bringing up Conner. This argument came mainly from radically different upbringings, Erin had everything she wanted materially and I had very little growing up in a minimum income family. I’m not going to air my dirty linen here on the blog but Erin suggested that I go back home as she believes we made a mistake getting married. I don’t believe it was a mistake and I am definitely not going anywhere especially with a baby on the way. I’m here to stay, I don’t want a life without my new found family. A lot of arguments are caused by my frustration of not working and not having any money to do my own thing, just going out with friends for a couple of beers and a game of pool. Especially as in recent weeks I haven’t had a moment to myself because Conner is home for the summer before starting Kindergarten in August. In a few days it’ll be nine months since I last earned any money, which is tough for someone that is fiercely independent; I’m going stir crazy!

Would you work for free? In just noticed an article on the BBC website about British Airways asking employees to take unpaid leave or work unpaid for upto one month! And the line that stands out for me is “BA’s chief executive has already agreed to work unpaid in July, forgoing his month’s salary of £61,000.” – Now do all the BA staff get paid that much? baggage handlers for example. Mr Chairman, it’s all well and good for you with your £61,000 per month salary but the people who work for £20,000 per year can’t afford to lose a months income. Somehow I don’t see the take-up being very high. Furthermore Mr. Chairman if you are so concerned why don’t you take a pay cut, half it to 30,000 per month; that’s a saving of £372,000 per year!

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