Put your toys away and shut the f*ck up!!!

Since my last blog entry, common ground and agreement has been found in the bullshit power struggle in Formula 1. The agreement means that Formula 1’s rules and regulations will remain the same as 2009 for the 2010 season with the possibility of the refuelling ban going ahead as planned and KERS being ditched by all teams supposedly. Part of the deal struck means that Max Mosley is not standing for a fifth term as FIA president. But all that has been thrown in the air when FOTA released a statement announcing that Mosley has been removed from power effective immediately which is obviously untrue as the FIA hasn’t released a statement confirming that action. Now Mosley is threatening to stand for a fifth term saying that the F1 Teams Association hasn’t abided by the terms of the agreement to not speak of each other in a bad light and portray a true representation of the agreement. It seems that certain people within FOTA have a personal vendetta against Mosley and we know that Mosley has a personal vendetta against Flavio Briatore and Luca di Montizemolo. I want to collectively slap the lot of them, grow the fuck up, you are supposed to be representing the best interests of the sport, pack up your toys and stop acting like children. Mr Bean for FIA president? He can’t do any worse!!!

In my own life, there hasn’t been any more problems with the pregnancy, Erin has been off work since Thursday resting while I took care of care for Conner and general household stuff. Our obstetrician put Erin on bed rest for the last four days and has ordered her to have light duties at work. What I didn’t know before today is that Erin had a fall in the office the day before which might have caused the placental abruption. Erin slipped on some water outside the bathrooms. This water came from people coming in from the pool without towelling off first and there was no sign notifying people that the floor might be wet. The office manager basically blamed my wife saying she needed to take “appropriate steps” to not slip on the water. REALLY? If there is likely to be water on the floor then it’s upto the office manager to place a high visibility sign stating that the floor maybe wet. My wife won’t do anything about it because she assumes she’ll lose the case, me personally I would sue their collective arses especially as I am in the land of litigation. Anyway the bleeding has stopped completely which is great and we have another appointment for a further sonogram on the 9th of July to make sure everything is going as planned with the baby. Hopefully at that time we should get confirmation that we are having a baby girl.

In other news; I can now leave and re-enter the US as on Thursday I received my travel document that allows me to re-enter the United States without having to go through the whole foreign spouse petition bullshit. And on Saturday I received my notification to attend an immigration interview on the 3rd of August. So hopefully I can be working a couple of weeks after that assuming that they either give me a green card or a employment authorisation document at the interview! At least we are seeing progress after months of nothing from USCIS!

And finally Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50 on Thursday afternoon. Many will remember him for his music but I will remember him for the controversy he has courted over the years. The child molestation allegations and the way he paid off parents to avoid legal proceedings. Some people say that it was just greedy parents trying to exploit Jackson but if that’s the case, why did he pay them off instead of fighting the case? Jackson confessed to Martin Bashir that he had children sleeping in his bed with him at his Neverland ranch! And of course it was the baby dangling incident, dangling his own baby over a balcony to the public back in 2002. I believe Michael Jackson to be a paedophile and I think that he was a deeply disturbed man who never grew up believing his actions to be normal and that he had done nothing wrong. I know that my comments will probably upset many but I know I am not the only one to have this point of view!

Update (18:24): Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go! I have received my employment authorisation card from USCIS so all I have to do now is find a job. First thing I am going to do is send out resumes to all the live music venues in the hope that I can get back into sound engineering whilst applying for general work in whatever I am able to do! a job is a job at this time!

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