This is exactly why I don’t want to live in America!

Erin has been getting threatened by some dickhead who is supposedly a gang member because of something that happened on property. Erin is constantly being called out for some bullshit reason or another on this damn property and the management company won’t pay her for her time because she gets a free apartment; which was part of a pay deal to keep her at Buttonwood Tree about 10 months back when she handed in her resignation. Now we have this idiot threatening Erin and other Buttonwood Tree staff and the police will do jack shit about it. Basically one of us would have to get shot or killed before the police will do anything. It’s getting to the point now where I want to get a gun to protect my family and I despise guns. He has been calling the office all day saying things like “I know where you live”, “I know what car you drive” and “I know who your husband is”. The police don’t consider that threatening behaviour, no wonder people carry guns in this country when the police wont do anything when threats are made. This makes me want to pack up my family and move back to the relative safety of the UK. It seems to me that the police here don’t take an active role in preventative policing; maybe if they cracked down on known offenders like this guy that is threatening us then there wouldn’t be so many deaths due to gun crime? But that would be too simple wouldn’t it, it’s stupid that someone needs to be wounded or killed before any action is taken especially when it’s a known offender! Erin and I want to move off this property because of all the trouble that occurs on this property; shootings, stabbings, domestic abuse and drunken idiots smashing up apartments despite not living here. And this is all in the last couple of months, we don’t feel safe here but we are not in a position to move until my Employment Authorisation Document is issued.

In the continuing saga of F1’s budget-cap-gate; it seems that Norbert Haug’s suggestion of a €100m cap and technical assistance to new entrants hasn’t been submitted as suggested if the latest Toyota and Ferrari statements are anything to go by. The two biggest spenders seem to want nothing to change according to their press releases; meaning no budget cap with the creation of cheap standardised parts for budget teams to use, but stops short of allowing full blown customer cars. Ferrari team principle Stefano Domenicali has also said that cost cutting in F1 should be self regulated by FOTA, which I don’t agree with. FOTA needs to change drastically before that can happen. I believe that there should be no chairman; each team gets an equal vote as I believe that [FOTA creator] Ferrari president Luca Di Montizemolo is putting pressure on the independent teams like Force India, Brawn GP and the expelled Williams F1. The way I see it is that FOTA was set-up to benefit Ferrari as they effectively get two votes as team principle Stefano Domenicali and president Luca di Montizemolo both get a vote; does that seem fair to the other FOTA members; Montizemolo should have no say in my opinion. Montizemolo is no different to Max Mosley as he is just as much as a dictator as people accuse Mosley of being!

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