Budget Car Rental

If you are thinking of using Budget car rental; my advice to is simply; DONT!!! Starting from the beginning; Erin, the kids and I are taking a road trip down to Dallas, TX and needed a larger car as neither of our cars would be large enough to carry everything we need for the trip so we decided to rent a car, we’d prefer to not have to take two cars. Sunday afternoon we start by searching in Google for “Budget Wichita”as you would given that we want to rent from a car from a Wichita location. We are taken to a website “” and we proceed to book, upon submitting our information; we get redirected back to the homepage without any confirmation page. Erin started to fill out all the details again when I stopped her and asked her to check her Email for the confirmation and the confirmation was sent by Email so we thought everything was good. On Tuesday, Erin gets a phone call from Budget Wichita saying that we would have to take the full insurance package; which would cost an additional $26 per day, adding $130 to the total price. Later that day Erin called the budget customer service line and they had no record of our booking at all so my wife insisted on talking with a supervisor and managed to get a car booked for what we thought was a bargain (less than half price) and no additional insurance was needed. Then we receive the confirmation for that booking and they had booked us the wrong car; a Toyota Corolla which is no bigger than the car we already own; we ordered a Ford Escape which is a mid-sized SUV. So Erin called again to get that booking changed to a car that would actually be useful to us and that came out to $302 which is fine without the need for extra insurance. We will be going down to the car rental place today in Wichita to talk to them in person and if they insist on trying to charge us additional insurance we will simply walk away, cancel and go with another rental company; it seems to me that Budget Wichita are a law unto themselves as they claim that needing to have full coverage insurance is required to rent from them; which is not the case according to company policy, to say we are not happy is an understatement.

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