Job Interview + England Make The Last 16!

I went to the job interview that I mentioned in my last blog entry and I thought it went very well. I seemed to have a decent rapport with the director and I am hopeful of getting the position or at least hope to make the final three candidates as the director had interviewed an awful lot of people, including a few from CCH. I like the philosophy of the company and like the job role, it’s more hands on instead of being sat in a cube and there’s a fair bit of variation. They are attempting to narrow the vast list of applicants down to three and I am hoping that I will be one of that three. I feel that I would fit in well with the personality and philosophy of the company.

England have made it through the group stages of the world cup as runners up to the USA on goals scored. Jermain Defoe scored the only goal of the game from close range in the 21st minute. Which was enough for the win but the English were hardly convincing, much better than the previous two games but certainly not the sort of form that wins world cups. England had a goal disallowed and Slovenian keeper Samir Handanovic denied Defoe, Steven Gerrard and tipped Wayne Rooney’s shot onto the post. The USA left it to the 91st minute to score the single goal in their game against the Algerians, Landon Donovan pounced on a loose ball to fire home from 10 yards out. Both the USA and England now have to wait to see the outcome of the Group D matches this afternoon to find out who they face in the last 16. Personally I really hope that Germany don’t win Group D as England don’t have a good history against the Germans in world cups; I don’t think I can take another defeat on penalties!!! France left the world cup in disgrace after losing 2 -1 to South Africa; unfortunately for the home nation; the win was not enough even with Uruguay beating Mexico; the Mexicans progressed to the last 16 on goal difference!

The FIA are moving the goalposts yet again next season; but there are a couple of new rules which are effective immediately which I believe will be good for the sport. 1. “If a sample of fuel is required after a practice session the car concerned must have first been driven back to the pits under its own power.” – which means that some sort of punishment would have been placed on Lewis Hamilton for running out of fuel on his qualifying in-lap. 2. “Any car being driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically, or which is deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers, will be reported to the stewards. This will apply whether any such car is being driven on the track, the pit entry or the pit lane.” – for example; Michael Schumacher’s behaviour running Robert Kubica and Felipe Massa off the road in Montreal! From next year the F-Duct will be banned and a moveable rear wing that can be used when within one second of another car will be introduced. And the big one is the reintroduction of the 107% rule which I believe will alienate the new teams; some of which may elect to not take part in next years championship; what’s the point in spending millions on design and transportation if they may not even make the grid on Sunday?

Over the past month I have been reading about Google being investigated in multiple countries for collecting data from unsecured wireless networks. My personal take on this; accidental or not is that it’s your own damn fault if you do not secure your home wireless network; if the wireless router was supplied by an ISP then it should have come secured by default. Also wireless router manufacturers should protect it’s users by default. If the user wants to run their network unsecured then they need to change the settings to allow unauthenticated access, rather than letting ignorance rule. Let’s face it the average owner of wireless technologies have no clue about security so ISP’s and manufacturers need to take steps to protect it’s users. Rather than going after Google for storing information in relation to these unsecured wireless networks.

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