Internet Connection Finally Fixed After Almost Three Months!

Cox Communications have finally fixed the issue with my Internet connection, it’s only taken three months to find and fix the issue! Apparently it was legacy hardware that was causing the issue; there was stretches of cabling outside the building that were not upgraded when the rest of the network was upgraded, bit like having a 10Mbit switch on a 1Gbit network. And annoyingly, last week when the engineer came around; he claimed that he replaced a splitter outside the building and this weeks engineer, who happened to be a supervisor told me that the splitter had not been replaced at all. Hopefully now that the cabling has been replaced and a working splitter installed I won’t have any more problems. The supervising engineer guaranteed me that I won’t have any further problems. I am sceptical of that guarantee given the amount of time and calls I have had to make to get this issue resolved. But just looking at the modem; I can see it looks better; the activity lights are not constantly flashing like they were even when no-one was accessing the Internet. Hopefully not I can enjoy the full 12mbps speeds that I am paying for, especially as we have just signed upto Netflix, which I have been very impressed with when the Internet connection has been working. I’m hoping that Netflix will roll out their 5.1 sound stream to accompany their high definitely video stream later this year as reported in the media!

Now the Internet is working I have finally watched the Hungary qualifying session and it seems that Red Bull have increased their gap at the head of the grid. Sebastian Vettel claimed pole position ahead of team mate Mark Webber by four tenths of a second and 1.2 secs ahead of closest non Red Bull, the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso. Felipe Massa lines up alongside Alonso, I would really love to see Massa get the jump on Alonso like he did in Germany. Let’s see if Ferrari dare to implement team orders again if Massa does end up ahead of Alonso! Lewis Hamilton lines up on the third row in fifth place alongside Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg. Hamilton’s team mate Jenson Button failed to make it into Q3 and will start in 11th place. Big qualifying story is Vitaly Petrov out-qualifying his more experienced team mate Robert Kubica with both driver starting from the fourth row. Pedro de la Rosa and Nico Hulkenberg round out the top 10 in ninth and tenth respectively. I am really starting to worry about Jenson Button this year; he really isn’t getting to grips with the McLaren; he has had a string of poor qualifying performances, albeit he did out-qualifying Lewis in the last race but finished the race behind his fellow Briton. Unless Jenson can start being more competitive in qualifying, I think McLaren will put all their eggs in the basket marked LH!

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