The Ongoing Saga of Cox’s Inability to Provide a Stable Net Connection!

Cox Communications internet connection is down again, this time property wide. I had an engineer come around and replaced a splitter outside the builder which we though had fixed the issue. But 20 minute later it went down again and has been intermittent since. Right now it is working… //scratch that; it’s down again, back to using my smart-phone’s dial up connection. When the connection failed after the engineer left I called up Cox technical support and they did some tests and found it was an issue with one of the outside cables; apparently there is a break on one of the lines which is causing the upstream sync to fail; no upload; no internet connection. I am now looking at another 24 – 48 hours before it is fixed, which is being hopeful as this issue has been ongoing for five months. At this time it’s a real mess outside, cables laying on the grass; big holes outside the 18, 19, 20 and 21 buildings with cables exposed. Suffice to say I am pretty pissed off  by this situation, the only thing that stops me from switching to AT&T is the $150 installation fee. I have already cancelled Cox’s TV package as we don’t really use it very much and need to save money at this time. We use mostly streaming on demand TV services like the iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Hulu, obviously a stable internet connection is vital to that working!

Meanwhile in F1; there has been a bit of a shake up in qualifying, there’s a Red Bull at the front of course, but the surprise is Ferrari in second and third; Fernando Alonso lines up alongside Sebastian Vettel with team mate Felipe Massa behind Vettel. Mark Webber, by his own admission had a poor qualifying session only managing fourth on the grid. Jenson Button put his McLaren ahead of Lewis Hamilton as the two Britons line up fifth and sixth. On a Formula 1 I participate in there are a lot of people that seem to think that Lewis Hamilton is God’s gift to motor racing and Jenson stands no chance of beating him in equal equipment. Frankly I am getting rather pissed off with this blinkered Lewis Hamilton love-in attitude. I really hope that Jenson outscores Lewis by a decent margin this weekend to silence all the Lewis Hamilton lambs. Polish driver Robert Kubica qualified in seventh ahead of another strong performance by Rubens Barrichello to put his Williams comfortably inside the top 10 in eighth. Merceded GP scraped inside the top 10 in ninth with Nico Rosberg followed by the second Williams of Nico Hulkenberg. Micheal Schumacher could only manage 11th place on his return to the Hockenheimring! Japanese driver Kamui Kobayashi is handily placed to pick up a couple of points this weekend in 12th. I really like the young Japanese; I think he is destined for F1 greatness; he and team mate have done wonders with an underperforming Sauber. Just a shame that I won’t be able to watch the race; unless some miracle happens and Cox fix the net connectivity issue by tomorrow morning; I’m not holding my breath!

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