Hardware Failures – One Piece At A Time!

My three year old HP Pavilion DV9820EA laptop is failing on me one piece of hardware at a time. About four months ago my Quicktouch buttons failed after months of intermittent failures. Now my touchpad has decided to stop functioning, device manager sees the Synaptics touchpad driver but reports that it can not start (code 10). I have followed the usual troubleshooting routine, reboot to see if it reinitialises, uninstaled and reinstalled drivers, updated drivers, reverted to the default Windows 7 driver, all without success. Luckily I do have a wireless mouse that I have been using for a while. But I read that installing a wireless mouse can sometimes cause Synaptics touchpad drivers to fail, but they were working in harmony for more than six months and I haven’t updated either driver before the failure. This second failure does make me wonder what’s going to break next. About a week ago, the keyboard failed to initialise on boot-up, rebooting fixed that issue but it’s worrying non-the-less. I am now really looking for a new laptop, sadly I can not afford one at this time so hopefully this one will hold out for a while longer. But I won’t be buying another HP laptop, not after the experience I have had with this one; not to mention HP’s poor customer service. I like the specifications and price of the Toshiba Satellite laptops but dislike the keyboard and the touchpad feels strange to the touch, so looking towards Asus or Dell, I would love an Alienware but they are too pricey and I’m not much of a gamer these days!!!

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